InnovActionCult has studied a range of attractions and services aimed at children and families, also making use of solid partnerships, to put together a comprehensive proposal and to make the discovery of the city exciting, stimulating and carefree, knowing that for a child and parent/guardian it is not always easy to visit a city in a relaxed and serene manner. The way in which the tour takes place has been developed by a team of experts in cultural heritage and pedagogy. The accompanying tour guides, as well as having extensive experience, have taken part in training programmes held by innovActionCult. Training is periodically renewed, so that the innovActionCult format can be moulded and innovated according to various requirements that have emerged over time.


DURATION: How long do the innoActionCult guided tours last?

A variety of unforeseen events which have nothing to do with the organization (traffic jams, loosing time by individual families etc.) can change the pre-established timetable by about 15 minutes.

HOW TO BOOK: Where can I book the tour?

The tour can be booked by Shop. Furthermore, it is possible to ask for information and book the tour at the MilanTourismPoint/MilanoCard offices.

ACCIDENT: What happens if, for some reasons, I can’t participate in the tour which I have booked ?

InnovActionCult will not refund the unused tours which have been purchased. Although, it offers the possibility to meet the needs of children and of their parents/guardians: until 48 h before each tour, you must promptly notify by email (info@innovactioncult.com) your inability to take part in the chosen tour, indicating the number of people unable to participate and book another tour depending on availability. In this way, the amount which has been paid will not be lost and you can take advantage of the postponed tour within one month of purchase of the original tour, organising the new day with innovActionCult.

What if I am late in arriving for the tour ?

The tour starts promptly at the indicated times, if you are late, you can join the rest of the group at the subsequent stages, by requesting information here. No refund is available for late arrivals.